Practical Design is a Canadian owned and operated family business based in West Vancouver, B.C.

We have been in business since 1998 and employ both contract and piece workers. The company was founded by Nola Fowlds and Tanya Wright, a mother and daughter team. Sadly Nola passed away in September 2014 but Tanya continues to run the business with help from various part time team members.

We began with a mission, to create functional items with style and feel that we have succeeded in this regard.

We presently supply over 700 retail outlets in Canada and have representation in Holland,Germany, and the EU. All of the items we produce have practical applications, are well packaged, durable and, best of all, they are “Made in Canada”.

Toll Free:1-866-915-4464 Phone: 604-929-5169 E-Mail: service@practicaldesign.ca Snail Mail: 1771 MacGowan Ave North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7P 2X3

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